For readability, all references to “God”  in this document can also be read as “god(s)” – be they many, singular, masculine, feminine, gender neutral, big, tiny, undefinable, or any other deity classification.


Atheists are assholes. Let me be more specific. Anti-theists are assholes.

I am an agnostic atheist. If you don’t know what that means, you are not alone. I am not an anti-theist (though I have been called an asshole plenty and admit I can be one at times). If you’d like to understand the differences between agnostic, gnostic, atheist, and theist view my blog on it here. I’ll summarize them in the next paragraph, so skip it if you already are “in the know”.

Gnostic essentially means “to know” whereas agnostic means “to not know”. Theist means “to believe in God” whereas atheist means “not to believe in God”. A gnostic theist knows AND believes God exists. Agnostic atheists don’t know and don’t believe that God exists. One can also be an agnostic theist or a gnostic atheist (most anti-theists are gnostic atheists). I know that’s confusing, but once you get it, you get it and you can’t forget it.

Anti-theist is a newish term that has recently come to the forefront of the battle for your (lack of?) soul. I don’t like anti-theists. They are giving all atheists a very bad name.

The majority of atheists are agnostic, like me. Many people you see in church are agnostic atheists – I was one of them. We are not immoral. We are not angry with your theist ideas. We simply think the odds are pretty highly stacked in the favor that God does not exist.

Gnostic atheists are fundamentalists just like gnostic Christians and gnostic Muslims and any other gnostic theists. They all profess to know for absolute certain that their God exists (or don’t in the case of gnostic atheists). Many gnostic theists know and profess “the only way to God and eternal life” is their way or the highway. A gnostic atheist is just as fiery and damning as a gnostic theist and they all make me sick. Also, they are all logically wrong. Let me explain.

One cannot prove God’s existence. Never has any credible scientific proof come forward to show the existence of God. Many people have tried and tried for thousands of years. On the flip side, one cannot disprove God’s existence. The same failed attempts by the many that came before to prove God’s existence does not disprove it. These failed attempts only point to an increasing probability that God does not exist.

For the less scientifically minded, let me explain a little. The scientific method starts with creating a theory. In this case, the theory is “God exists”. The next step is to test that theory. Many have tried. From poetry to religious study, from art to science and even pure mathematics, many have tried to prove God’s existence. Every single one of these tests has failed.

Now here is where things get a little tricky for non-scientific types. When a test’s data fails to support a theory but does not contradict it, that theory goes back to the drawing board. It becomes available for more testing. However, when a test’s data is found to be contrary to the theory then that theory is disproven and goes back to the drawing table to be revised or thrown out altogether.

Never has any test to prove God’s existence shown any data that is actually contrary to God’s existence. The tests have merely failed to prove the existence. One can argue the likelihood of God’s existence has been weekend by every failed test, but one simply cannot logically argue that it has been disproven.

Yet, gnostic atheists do just that. They argue that God cannot exist without proof, evidence, or supporting data to back them up. They bemoan, belittle, and attack theists and atheists alike who do not agree with them.

I will go a step further and say ALL gnostics, not just atheists but the theists as well, are logically wrong.

Remember how gnostic means “to know”? You cannot “know” something you do not actually know. Since God’s’ existence has never been proven OR disproven, no one can know of God’s existence or lack thereof. To claim you are a gnostic is a lie. I’d prefer people used “strong” or “weak” instead of “gnostic” and “agnostic” respectfully, but no one wants to be called weak, do they? It’s fine by me if we stick to gnostic or agnostic, so long as you realize you are not truly gnostic when it comes to theism or atheism.

I recently was in a debate that got somewhat heated over whether the man Jesus ever even existed. My stance is that yes, he lived some 2000 years ago. He was a good man fighting the Roman Empire and challenged people’s thinking. He gave all of mankind a lot of good advice on how to live happy and rewarding lives. He was executed on a cross and died.

The anti-theists were saying the bible isn’t credible proof of his existence. They said there was no proof he ever existed until seventy something years after his death and that was simply the ramblings of some Roman. Perhaps there is some truth in the lack of credible text outside the bible, but it hardly disproves the man ever even breathed air.

I believe the bible is full of fantasy stories. It is a fictional text, but it is “historical fiction” based heavily on “people and places” that existed at the time of its writing. The books may disagree with one another in many ways, but they all agreed Jesus was alive.

Not only does the bible say Jesus was around, but thousands of people touched by him chose to follow his religion after he died. The Jews and the Romans also believed at that time that Jesus existed and this belief passed down through generations as the religion took on steam.

The facts that the books in the bible all agree and that so many people followed his religion after his death all point to the high probability that he existed.

These anti-theists that I debated with should consider themselves lucky in this age of photographs and indefinite data storage, that two thousand years from now, their great, great, ancestors will have physical proof of their existence. Poor Jesus didn’t have that luxury and now these anti-theists even doubt his existence contrary to corroborating data. It’s funny that these anti-theists will use the scientific method when it suits them and even try to bludgeon theists with it to prove a point, but they forget all about it when logic dictates they are wrong.

As to their great, great, ancestors two thousand years from now? They’ll probably say this “proof of great-great gramps’ existence” was all a forgery. Conspiracy theorists, the lot of them.

Lastly, it’s not easy being an atheist. Society (American at least) calls us immoral. Relatives and friends distance themselves from us. All the while we try to gently educate and slap on smiles so as not to offend. Attacks by these anti-theists are making it harder for the rest of us. They hurt the atheist movement (a peaceful awareness that we are not alone – we have each other) and ostracize us from the rest of society. I truly wish they’d taken the blue pill.